About Us

About Us

Welcome to WS-Trend.de! We are pleased that you are visiting our online shop. Our company was founded out of a passion to offer children and their families high-quality, fashionable and at the same time comfortable clothing.

Our founder Waldemar is a father of twins himself and therefore understands exactly what children like to wear and how to put a smile on their faces. With a wide range of clothing for your loved ones inspired by great motifs from film and television, we ensure that your children are delighted.

We offer not only clothing, but also a wide range of products for school and leisure. Here you will find everything a child's heart desires, from backpacks and pencil cases to toys and accessories.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority. That's why we rely on the latest brands and always make sure that our products meet the highest quality standards. Our customers appreciate our attention to detail and the commitment with which we want to offer them and their children the best.

At WS-Trend.de we pride ourselves on offering you a unique shopping experience where you can discover the best products for your children. We invite you to browse our range and find the perfect outfit or accessory for your child. Give your loved ones a smile - with Waldemar's children's clothing.

Thank you for visiting and happy shopping!

Waldemar and the entire WS-TREND.DE team